Waterproof Panic-Button ON/OFF type
Item No:LK-4700AN ON/OFF

Waterproof Panic-Button ON/OFF type

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Item No. LK-4700AN

• Synchronize with an LED controller LK-108-1
• Suitable for damp or misty places, such as: sauna, SPA,
Swimming pool, hot spring pool, bathroom,kitchen...etc.
• Mode: Pulse (push-ON)
• Red LED light indicator, easy identification
• Supply voltage: DC12V / 20mA (Max)
• Output Contact: NC / NO (3A/250VAC)
• Waterproof: IPX6 (IEC 60529 Edition 2.2:2013)
• Operating temperature and humidity:-20°C~70°C; 0~100%RH
• With stainless steel push button and panel
• Output wire: 200°C high temperature Teflon wire