Stainless steel plate, with ON/OFF type, momentary output type and with door bell type. LED display, Fit 19 key cylinders. Contact rating: Key switch AC125V/3A. Tamper switch can be added. Tamper switch: AC125V/1A.

Garrison | Key Switch Manufacturer

Our key operated switch is a security control device that requires the insertion of a specific key to operate. It is used to restrict access to equipment or systems, ensuring authorized operation and enhanced safety.

Industrial Control: Used to control machinery, production lines, and electrical systems, limiting access and ensuring operational safety.
Access Control Systems: Controls door locks or electromagnetic locks, restricting personnel access and enhancing security.
Security Systems: Controls alarm systems, fire alarm systems, and other security devices, preventing accidental operation or unauthorized activation.
Public Facilities: Controls elevators, lighting systems, and other public utilities, preventing malicious operation or damage.