LK-1031 - Mifare type LK-1031 - Mifare type LK-1031 - Mifare type
Item No:LK-1031 (Mifare).

LK-1031 - Mifare type

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Item No. LK-1031 (Mifare)

• Stand-alone single door control
• Memory retained permanently even after power failure
• Adding cards, deleting cards, checking card validity operated through keypad
• With numeric LED display makes operation user-friendly
• Reader type:
 Lockout, Card Only, Card plus Pin or Pin only.
• With a door-bell push button


Read range: 2~4cm (key tag)
- Cardholder capacity: 5,000 cards
- Frequency: 13.56 MHz
- Power supply: DC11~15V (liner and full wave rectification power)
- Power consumption: 70mA (stand-by), 150mA (operation)
- Unlock duration: 1~255 seconds
- Case dimensions: 85W x 125H x 22D mm

Proximity Key Tag

• Uniquely encoded, impossible to be duplicated
• Hand free, battery free
• Tag dimensions: 34 x 39 x 6 mm