Glass-Break Sensor Glass-Break Sensor
Item No:LK-4106

Glass-Break Sensor

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Item No. LK-4106

• Dual flex-audio technology. Eliminating false alarms.
• Indicator LEDs, for testing flex (Low-frequency) and audio (high-frequency)
• Alarm memory
• Cover tamper switch
• Independent HI / LOW Frequency sensitivity adjustment
• Easy installation and set-up



The Glass-Break Sensor is an advanced security device that offers reliable and accurate detection of glass breakage events. It incorporates dual flex-audio technology, which ensures the elimination of false alarms by effectively filtering out non-glass-breaking sounds and vibrations.

One of the standout features of the Glass-Break Sensor is its indicator LEDs, which provide visual feedback during testing. The flex LED indicates the detection of low-frequency vibrations, while the audio LED signifies the detection of high-frequency sounds associated with glass breakage. This allows users to verify the sensor's functionality and ensure proper placement for optimal detection.

The Glass-Break Sensor also includes an alarm memory feature, which records and stores the activation of the alarm. This valuable feature allows users to review past events and provides a comprehensive history of any glass breakage incidents that may have occurred.

To enhance security, the Glass-Break Sensor is equipped with a cover tamper switch. This switch triggers an alarm if someone attempts to tamper with or remove the sensor's cover, providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access.