4-beam Infrared Sensor w/ 8ch
Item No:LK-60HQ/LK-110HQ/LK-160HQ/LK-200HQ/LK-250HQ

4-beam Infrared Sensor w/ 8ch

Quad-Beams Infrared Sensor, with 8 frequencies
LK-60HQ: 60m
LK-110HQ: 110m
LK-160HQ: 160m
LK-200HQ: 200m
LK-250HQ: 250m
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Item No. LK-60HQ /110 /160 /200 / 250HQ

• Four beams sensors. Detection for range : 60m, 110m, 160m , 200m & 250m.
Selectable 8-channel beam frequencies
• Easy optical alignment with LED indication
• Up to 8 sets for multiple installation
• Adjustable beam interruption period (50-700 msec)
• Automatic gain control circuit
• Anti-Frost design