News-Wall-Mount Siren, LK-96 series

Wall-Mount Siren, LK-96 series

Garrison new products LK-96 series including:

. LK-95 : Siren & Strobe or Strobe only, optional. Color Red & Blue available.

. LK-96 : Siren & Strobe. Color Red & Blue available.

LK-96L : as LK-96, adding an LED indicator light. Color Red & Blue available.

LK-96T : as LK-96, adding a Tamper Switch. Color Red & Blue available.

. LK-97 : Siren only. Color white.


All above, alarm output 110 dB. Powerful alarm tone.

For items with strobe lights : there puts 8 pcs strong LED lights..

Special design on strobe shield with stream spreading, strobe light could be seen more clearly and brightly

Wall-Mount Siren, LK-96 series