Item No. LK-V01

Alert, Warning, Direction and More !!
• Digital voice chip stores a voice message for up to 20 seconds
• Ideal for security alert, restriction warning, evacuation direction, etc....
• Volume adjustable with built-in amplifier and speaker



The Voice Alarm system is a versatile and effective solution designed to provide clear and concise audio messages for various purposes. Whether it's alerting individuals, issuing warnings, providing directions, or conveying important information, the Voice Alarm system offers a reliable and customizable approach.

At the heart of the Voice Alarm system lies a digital voice chip capable of storing voice messages of up to 20 seconds in length. This feature allows for the recording and playback of personalized messages tailored to specific needs. Whether it's a security alert, a restriction warning, or an evacuation direction, the Voice Alarm system ensures that important messages are effectively communicated to the intended audience.

One of the key advantages of the Voice Alarm system is its adjustable volume. With a built-in amplifier and speaker, the system can be easily adjusted to suit different environments and requirements. Whether it's a small indoor space or a large outdoor area, the volume can be customized to ensure optimal audibility without causing discomfort or disturbance.

The Voice Alarm system finds applications in a wide range of settings. In public spaces, it can be used to broadcast emergency announcements, guiding people to safety during critical situations. In commercial buildings, it can serve as an effective means of communicating important messages, such as operational updates or evacuation instructions. Additionally, in transportation hubs or public venues, it can provide direction and guidance to visitors and passengers.