Vehicle Loop Detector Vehicle Loop Detector Vehicle Loop Detector Vehicle Loop Detector

Vehicle Loop Detector

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Item No. LK-109

• Digital Loop Detector with two output relays
• Four selectable loop frequencies (20~80KHz) to eliminating crosstalk.
No warm-up required
• Two color LED status indicators
• Motorcycles detection also very good application


The Digital Vehicle Loop Detector is an innovative solution designed to improve vehicle detection and traffic management in various environments. With its advanced features and reliable performance, this loop detector offers accurate and efficient vehicle detection capabilities.

One of the standout features of the Digital Vehicle Loop Detector is its digital technology, which ensures precise and reliable detection. Equipped with two output relays, this loop detector offers versatile control and signaling options for different applications. The output relays can be configured to trigger various actions, such as opening gates, activating traffic lights, or controlling access points.

The Digital Vehicle Loop Detector is designed to eliminate crosstalk and interference, thanks to its four selectable loop frequencies ranging from 20 to 80KHz. This feature ensures that the detector accurately detects the presence of vehicles without any false readings caused by neighboring loops or external factors. By reducing crosstalk, the loop detector improves the overall efficiency and reliability of the vehicle detection system.