Siren & Strobe - LK-86 Ceiling Mount style Siren & Strobe - LK-86 Ceiling Mount style

Siren & Strobe - LK-86 Ceiling Mount style

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Item No. LK-86

• Operating Voltage:
10~16V (DC12V model)
18~28V (DC24V model)
• Current Consumption:
200mA (DC12V model)
170mA (DC24V model)
• Operating frequency: 2.4~3.7KHz
• Alarm output: 110 dB
• Strobe: 12 pcs super bright LED strobe
• Reverse polarity protection
• Size: 58ø x 60 mm
• Weight: 95 g

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your premises, having a reliable and effective alarm system is of utmost importance. The Siren & Strobe in the LK-86 Ceiling Mount style offers a powerful solution to enhance your security measures.

Designed for ceiling installation, the LK-86 Ceiling Mount style provides a discreet and convenient solution to integrate the siren and strobe into your security setup. With a compact size of 58ø x 60 mm and a weight of only 95 g, it can be easily mounted in various locations without compromising the aesthetics of the surroundings.

Operating within a wide voltage range, the Siren & Strobe is compatible with different power systems. The DC12V model operates optimally within the 10 to 16V voltage range, while the DC24V model functions flawlessly within the 18 to 28V range. This flexibility ensures that the Siren & Strobe can be easily incorporated into your existing security infrastructure.

With a current consumption of 200mA for the DC12V model and 170mA for the DC24V model, the Siren & Strobe strikes a balance between power efficiency and performance. This low current consumption ensures reliable operation while minimizing energy costs.