Shutter Contacts Shutter Contacts

Shutter Contacts

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Item No. AT-850

• Stainless steel bracket
• Magnetic contact protection for shutters and large-size doors
• Contact Rating: 0.2A 30VDC
• Contact capacity: 5W
• Operating Distance: 90 mm (cc)
• Lead Length: 270 mm (22AWG)

The stainless steel bracket of the Shutter Contacts ensures strength and durability. It is specifically designed to withstand the demands of various environments, including outdoor settings. The bracket provides stability and robust support, ensuring that the contacts remain securely in place.

The primary function of the Shutter Contacts is to provide magnetic contact protection. By utilizing the magnetic field, they can detect the opening and closing of shutters and large-size doors. This feature allows for effective monitoring and ensures that any unauthorized access or tampering is detected promptly.

With a contact rating of 0.2A at 30VDC and a contact capacity of 5W, the Shutter Contacts offer reliable electrical performance. They can handle low voltage currents while maintaining a secure and efficient connection. This enables the smooth operation of the contacts and facilitates the flow of electricity.

The operating distance of 90 mm (cc) allows the Shutter Contacts to effectively sense the status of shutters and large-size doors. It provides ample coverage to detect any changes in the magnetic field, ensuring accurate monitoring and prompt response.

The lead length of 270 mm (22AWG) provides flexibility in the installation of the Shutter Contacts. It allows for convenient wiring and ensures that the contacts can be connected to the appropriate control systems or monitoring devices. This enables seamless integration and easy implementation of the contacts into existing security systems.