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Shutter Contacts

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Item No. AT-840

• Two-way 270° Rotatable Bracket
• Magnetic contact protection for shutters and large-size doors
• Contact Rating: 0.2A 30VDC
• Contact capacity: 5W
• Operating Distance: 90 mm (cc)

Equipped with a two-way 270° rotatable bracket, Shutter Contacts offer flexibility in installation and positioning. This feature allows for easy adjustment and alignment, accommodating different shutter and door configurations. Whether it's a vertical or horizontal installation, the bracket ensures optimal contact placement for accurate sensing.

The primary function of Shutter Contacts is to provide magnetic contact protection. By detecting the magnetic field, they monitor the opening and closing of shutters and large-size doors. This enables enhanced security and control, as any unauthorized access or tampering triggers an alarm or initiates a response.

With a contact rating of 0.2A at 30VDC and a contact capacity of 5W, Shutter Contacts offer reliable electrical connections. They can handle low voltage currents while effectively controlling the flow of electricity, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

The operating distance of 90 mm (cc) allows Shutter Contacts to detect the status of shutters and large-size doors from a significant distance. This extended range ensures accurate monitoring, enabling timely responses and appropriate actions when changes in the magnetic field occur.