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Remote Control Switch

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Item No. LK-102RM

• Effective distance: more than 100M
• Frequency: 300~400MHz (RF), Receiver power source: DC11~15V
• Transmitter power source: DC12V battery (A23)
• Relay contact: 5A/120VAC
• Dimension: Receiver: 48W x 87L x 23D mm
Transmitter 37W x 70L x 15D mm (TX1 type)
Transmitter 37W x 62L x 15D mm (TX2 type)
Transmitter 37W x 59L x 16D mm (TX3 type)


Experience the convenience and flexibility of remote control with our advanced remote control switch. Designed to expand your control capabilities, this switch offers an impressive effective distance of over 100 meters. With such a wide range, you can effortlessly control your devices from a distance, providing convenience and ease of use.

Operating on a frequency range of 300~400MHz (RF), our remote control switch ensures reliable and stable communication. This frequency range allows for seamless transmission of signals between the transmitter and receiver, ensuring that your commands are executed accurately and without interference.

The receiver, powered by DC11~15V, serves as the central component of the remote control system. It receives signals from the transmitter and translates them into actions, allowing you to control your devices effortlessly. The transmitter, powered by a DC12V battery (A23), provides the portability and convenience of wireless control. The battery ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to control your devices without the hassle of wires or cables.