Item No. LK-97

• Operating Voltage:
 10~16V (DC12V model)
 18~28V (DC24V model)
• Operating frequency: 2.4~3.7KHz
• Alarm output: 110 dB
• Size: 122L x 73W x 43D mm
• Weight: 132 g

The Piezo Siren operates at different voltage ranges, offering flexibility to accommodate various power systems. The DC12V model is designed to work within the 10 to 16V voltage range, while the DC24V model requires a range of 18 to 28V. This adaptability ensures seamless integration with your existing security setup, making installation hassle-free.

With an operating frequency spanning from 2.4 to 3.7KHz, the Piezo Siren emits a powerful and piercing sound, reaching an alarm output of 110 dB. This loud and attention-grabbing noise serves as a strong deterrent and effectively alerts individuals to potential dangers, ensuring that prompt action can be taken.

The Piezo Siren is built with dimensions of 122L x 73W x 43D mm and weighs 132 g, making it compact and lightweight. This sleek design allows for easy installation in various settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Its size and weight do not compromise its performance, ensuring that it delivers a powerful and reliable alarm output.