Parking Space Indicator

Parking Space Indicator

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Item No. LK-800

• 2-colors alternate lightng, green & red colors.
• Long life LED lights emitting 360 degree with no blind angle
• Make with PC cover which can average light source and ABS base.


The key feature of the Parking Space Indicator lies in its long-lasting LED lights that emit a 360-degree illumination, ensuring optimal visibility from all angles. This eliminates any blind spots and guarantees that the parking status can be easily determined, even from a distance.

Crafted with a combination of high-quality materials, the Parking Space Indicator is built to withstand various environmental conditions. The PC cover ensures the uniform distribution of light, preventing any uneven lighting or glare. The ABS base adds sturdiness and durability to the indicator, making it suitable for long-term use in parking lots or garages.

The Parking Space Indicator offers numerous benefits for both drivers and parking facility operators. For drivers, it provides clear and concise information about available parking spaces, saving time and reducing the frustration of searching for a spot. The alternating green and red colors effectively guide drivers to vacant spaces, minimizing congestion and optimizing parking capacity.

Parking facility operators also benefit from the Parking Space Indicator as it enables efficient utilization of parking spaces. By clearly indicating which spots are occupied and which are available, it allows for better management and organization of the parking area. Operators can easily monitor the occupancy rate and make informed decisions to improve the overall parking experience for their customers.