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Item No. LK-305A/LK-305B/LK-305C

LK-305A: Stainless steel plate, On/Off type.
LK-305B: Stainless steel plate. Momentary type.
LK-305C: Stainless steel plate, with doorbell push-button.
• LED display
• Tamper switch provided
• Fit 19ø key cylinders
• Contact rating:
Key switch: AC125V / 3A
Tamper switch: AC125 / 1A


Key-Switches are an integral component of security systems, providing a reliable and convenient means of access control. Designed for durability and functionality, the LK-305 series offers a range of options to suit different requirements.

All models in the LK-305 series are equipped with an LED display, providing clear visual indications of the switch's status. This feature enhances usability and makes it easier for users to determine whether access is granted or restricted. Additionally, a tamper switch is provided, further enhancing security by detecting any unauthorized attempts to tamper with the key-switch.

The LK-305 series is designed to accommodate 19ø key cylinders, providing compatibility with a wide range of key systems. This flexibility allows for easy integration into existing security setups, ensuring a seamless transition and enhancing overall security measures.

In terms of contact rating, the key-switch itself can handle AC125V / 3A, making it suitable for various electrical applications. Additionally, the tamper switch is rated for AC125V / 1A, providing an added layer of protection against tampering or unauthorized access attempts.