Infrared Sensor 7m (reflection type) Infrared Sensor 7m (reflection type)

Infrared Sensor 7m (reflection type)

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Item No. LK-7HR

• Protection range: 7m
Reflection type Infrared Beam Sensor
• Mount with a standard signal gang electric box
• Excellent external light immunity
• LED alignment indicator - visibly confirms proper alignment
• Beam protection for entrances, exits, corridors and staircases





In the realm of security and detection, the Infrared Sensor 7m (reflection type) stands as a reliable and versatile tool to protect entrances, exits, corridors, and staircases. With a protection range of 7 meters, this sensor offers comprehensive coverage, ensuring enhanced security and safety within various environments.

Designed as a reflection type infrared beam sensor, this device utilizes infrared technology to detect movement and provide accurate monitoring. By emitting an infrared beam and analyzing its reflection, the sensor can effectively identify any changes within its designated range. This allows for precise detection and prompt response to potential security threats.

The installation process is seamless and straightforward, as the sensor is compatible with standard signal gang electric boxes. This feature enables easy integration into existing electrical systems, making it suitable for both new installations and retrofitting projects. With the sensor securely mounted, it provides reliable and continuous protection without requiring extensive modifications to the surroundings.

An outstanding feature of the Infrared Sensor 7m is its excellent external light immunity. This means that the sensor is designed to withstand the influence of external light sources, such as sunlight or artificial lighting. By eliminating false triggers caused by ambient light, the sensor ensures accurate and reliable detection, minimizing the risk of false alarms and enhancing overall security performance.