Glass-Break Sensor-New Round Shape Sensor Glass-Break Sensor-New Round Shape Sensor

Glass-Break Sensor-New Round Shape Sensor

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Item No. LK-4105C 

• No need power source
• Detects the specific frequency or vibration of breaking glass.
• Insensible against vibrations and shocks by wind, cars, railways, etc.
• Requires mp adjustment for sensitivity.
• Housed in a water-resistant case.

This New Round Shape Sensor is to be promoted from Jan. 1st, 2020.




The Glass-Break Sensor, with its new round shape design, is a remarkable device that offers advanced detection capabilities without the need for a power source. This innovative sensor is specifically designed to detect the unique frequency or vibration pattern associated with the breaking of glass.

One of the key advantages of the Glass-Break Sensor is its insensitivity to various vibrations and shocks caused by external factors such as wind, passing vehicles, or nearby railways. This ensures that false alarms are minimized, providing reliable and accurate detection of glass breakage events.

To achieve optimal performance, the Glass-Break Sensor requires manual adjustment for sensitivity. This allows users to fine-tune the sensor's response based on their specific requirements and environmental conditions. By adjusting the sensitivity, users can optimize the sensor's ability to detect glass-breaking incidents while minimizing the risk of false alarms.

The Glass-Break Sensor is housed in a durable and water-resistant case, providing protection against moisture and environmental elements. This ensures the sensor's longevity and reliability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations.