CO/GAS Alarm

CO/GAS Alarm

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Item No. CX-97RN CO/GAS Alarm

• Meets the UL1484 standard.
• Built-in the high tech carbon monoxide sensor.
meets the most recent UL2034 standard
• With the advanced high tech microprocessor.
• With wisdom control.
• Provide Test/Silence button.
• Provide power switch button
• Built-in the high efficiency wide-range Switching
Power Supply, suitable to universal voltage.


The CO/GAS Alarm system is a state-of-the-art solution designed to protect against the dangers of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases. With its adherence to the rigorous UL1484 and UL2034 standards, this system ensures the highest level of safety and reliability.

At the heart of the CO/GAS Alarm system is a cutting-edge carbon monoxide sensor. This high-tech sensor is engineered to detect even the smallest traces of carbon monoxide gas, providing early warnings to occupants and enabling them to take immediate action. By continuously monitoring the air for this silent and odorless gas, the CO/GAS Alarm system acts as a vigilant guardian, safeguarding lives and preventing potential disasters.

With an advanced microprocessor and wisdom control, the CO/GAS Alarm system combines intelligence and precision. The microprocessor analyzes the data received from the carbon monoxide sensor, performing complex calculations to accurately measure gas levels and ensure timely alerts. This intelligent control system enhances the system's reliability, minimizing false alarms and providing accurate and timely notifications when gas levels reach hazardous thresholds.

The CO/GAS Alarm system is equipped with user-friendly features to facilitate testing and operation. It includes a convenient Test/Silence button, allowing users to easily verify the functionality of the system and silence alarms during non-emergency situations. Additionally, a power switch button is provided for simple and efficient control of the system's operation.