Call Help Dialer Call Help Dialer Call Help Dialer

Call Help Dialer

Unduh katalog

Item No. LK-119

• Home Care    • In an Emergency
• Robbery Prevention  • Retail-Counter Safety

• Easy installation
• Plays recorded message automatically.
• Keeps families, neighbors or police informed.
• Up to 8 pre-set phone numbers.
• With Pendant & Hand-held Remotes.
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When an emergency arises, the Call Help Dialer comes to the rescue. It automatically plays a recorded message, alerting the designated individuals or authorities about the situation at hand. This feature ensures that help is summoned promptly and accurately, providing swift assistance in critical moments.

The ability to keep families, neighbors, or the police informed is a crucial aspect of the Call Help Dialer. With up to 8 pre-set phone numbers, users can specify the recipients who will receive the emergency notifications. This ensures that the right people are notified, facilitating a coordinated response and maximizing the chances of a favorable outcome.

To further enhance convenience and accessibility, the Call Help Dialer is equipped with pendant and hand-held remotes. These portable devices allow users to activate the dialer from various locations within their premises, providing flexibility and convenience in urgent situations.

For more information on the features and specifications of the Call Help Dialer, detailed information can be found at the website: This comprehensive resource offers a deeper understanding of the product's capabilities and functionalities, empowering users to make informed decisions regarding their security needs.