Auto-Door Sensor

Auto-Door Sensor

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Item No. SRE-301

SRE-301 Active Infrared Movement Detector has been designed to control the opening of automatic doors. The transmitter (infrared LED) emits near infrared light to a focused surface.

The controller monitors the normal reflection level, once there is a chance in the normal reflection level, due to the presence of person or subject, the output relay is activated.


The SRE-301 Active Infrared Movement Detector offers a reliable solution for controlling the opening of automatic doors. Designed specifically for this purpose, this sensor utilizes advanced technology to ensure seamless access control in various environments.

At the core of the SRE-301 is a transmitter equipped with an infrared LED. This LED emits near infrared light, which is directed towards a focused surface. The purpose of this setup is to monitor the reflection levels within the designated area.

By constantly monitoring the normal reflection level, the SRE-301 is able to detect any changes that occur due to the presence of a person or object. When such a change is detected, indicating movement or the presence of a subject, the sensor's output relay is activated.

This activation of the output relay plays a crucial role in controlling the opening of automatic doors. It allows for the seamless operation of the doors, ensuring that they open and close at the appropriate times, based on the detected movement.