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Panel Kontrol Alarm

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Item No. LK-1002 / 1004 / 1006 / 1008</ span>

LK-1002 : Dua zona pencurian
LK-1004 : Empat zona pencurian
LK-1006 : Enam zona pencurian
LK-1008 : Delapan zona pencurian
• Kontrol mikroprosesor
• Setiap zona pencurian diawasi dengan resistor end-of-line dan waktu respons cepat
• Trafo 18VA dan sounder bawaan



- Zona perlindungan: satu zona darurat 24 jam (TANPA loop)
- 2 zona pencurian (NC loop) - - LK-1002< br /> - 4 zona pencurian (NC loop) - - LK-1004
- 6 zona pencurian (NC loop) - - LK-1006
- 8 zona pencurian (NC loop) - - LK-1008
- Setiap zona pencurian diawasi dengan resistor end-of-line dan waktu respons cepat
- Sakelar By-Pass individu dan indikator LED status zona
- Memori alarm untuk setiap zona, sirkuit isi ulang baterai, dan jarak jauh opsional kontrol
- Keluaran sistem:
. satu relai pengatur waktu / pengunci (kontak kering)
- . satu output alarm pengatur waktu 12VDC/1.0A
- . satu output terminal LED ARM
- . satu output daya tambahan 12VDC/0,5A
- Dimensi : 213w x 300L x 70D mm



One of the key features of alarm control panels is their ability to supervise each burglary zone. By utilizing end-of-line resistors and fast-response time, these panels can effectively monitor and detect any unauthorized access or breaches in the protected areas. This ensures that any potential threats are promptly identified and addressed.

To support the operation of the security system, alarm control panels are equipped with a built-in transformer with a power rating of 18VA. This ensures a stable power supply for the control panel and other connected devices. Additionally, the inclusion of a sounder provides an audible alert in the event of an alarm activation, notifying occupants and deterring potential intruders.

The specifications of alarm control panels vary to cater to different security requirements. They offer multiple protection zones, including a dedicated 24-hour emergency zone for critical areas that require continuous monitoring. Depending on the specific model, the panels can accommodate 2, 4, 6, or 8 burglary zones for comprehensive coverage.

Each burglary zone is supervised through the use of end-of-line resistors and fast-response time, ensuring accurate detection and efficient response to any unauthorized entry attempts. Individual By-Pass switches and zone status LED indicators are provided, allowing users to enable or disable specific zones as needed, while also providing visual feedback on the status of each zone.