Alarm Control Panel Alarm Control Panel
Model:LK-3006MKL1 / LK-3006MKL2

Alarm Control Panel

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Item No. LK-3006MK series

• Key operate type
LK-3006MKL1 : Four burglary zones
LK-3006MKL2 : Two burglary zones
• Contemporary design fits all modern houses
• A single chip "watchdog" Microprocessor monitoring circuit, ensures easy operation stable performance, reliable quality and long operational life
• Passcode protected user-friendly operation
• With two keys (#,*) operated panic button


Protection zones:
- One 24-hours panic zone (N.O. loop)
- One 24-hours fire zone (N.O.loop)
- One door chime zone (N.O. loop)
- Two burglary zones (N.C. loop) - LK-3006MKL2
- Four burglary zones (N.C. loop) - LK-3006MKL1
- One door chime zone (N.O loop) - LK-3006MKL1 (only)
- Each burglary zone can be set monitored or bypassed independently
- With LAN alarm output
- Built-in transformer 20VA
- Dimension: 160W x 222L x 60D


Equipped with a single chip "watchdog" microprocessor monitoring circuit, the alarm control panel guarantees easy operation, stable performance, reliable quality, and a long operational lifespan. This advanced technology ensures that the panel functions efficiently, providing homeowners with peace of mind and a heightened sense of security.

To enhance user-friendliness and privacy, the alarm control panel features passcode-protected operation. This allows homeowners to securely access and control the system, ensuring that only authorized individuals can arm, disarm, or modify the settings. Additionally, two keys, denoted by "#" and "*", provide quick access to the panic button feature, allowing users to activate emergency alerts with ease.

The alarm control panel offers various protection zones to cater to different security needs. These zones include a 24-hours panic zone and a 24-hours fire zone, ensuring continuous monitoring for critical situations. Additionally, a door chime zone provides a pleasant alert when doors are opened or closed. Depending on the specific model, the panel can accommodate two or four burglary zones, allowing for comprehensive coverage and monitoring of potential break-in points. Each burglary zone can be independently set to monitor or bypass, providing flexibility and customization based on the homeowner's preferences.