Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor mini size

Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor mini size

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• Protection range: 15m (indoor)

• Beam protection for entrances, exits, corridors and staircases.

• LED alignment indicator-visibly confirms proper alignment.

• Two synchronized beams of pulsed infrared energy.
   No vertical alignment necessary.

The Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor in a compact mini size offers reliable and efficient protection for various applications. With a protection range of 15m indoors, this sensor is ideal for securing entrances, exits, corridors, and staircases.

Equipped with two synchronized beams of pulsed infrared energy, this sensor ensures accurate and reliable detection of movement. The twin beam design eliminates the need for vertical alignment, making installation quick and hassle-free.

One of the key features of the Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor is its LED alignment indicator. This indicator provides a visible confirmation of proper alignment, allowing for easy and precise setup. It ensures that the sensor is accurately positioned to achieve optimal performance.

By utilizing the Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor, you can enhance the security of your premises. It serves as an effective deterrent and early warning system, detecting any intrusion or movement within the protected area. Whether it's monitoring entrances, exits, corridors, or staircases, this sensor offers reliable and continuous surveillance.