Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor mini size

Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor mini size

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. Protection range: 15m (indoor)

. Beam protection for entrances, exits, corridors and staircases.

. LED alignment indicator-visibly confirms proper alignment.

. Two synchronized beams of pulsed infrared energy.
  No vertical alignment necessary.


The Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor is a compact and efficient device designed for various applications. With a protection range of 15m indoors, it ensures reliable beam protection for entrances, exits, corridors, and staircases.

Featuring an LED alignment indicator, this sensor offers visual confirmation of proper alignment during installation. This indicator assists in achieving accurate positioning, ensuring optimal functionality and performance.

The sensor operates using two synchronized beams of pulsed infrared energy. This innovative technology eliminates the need for vertical alignment, simplifying the installation process and saving time. With this feature, users can easily set up the sensor without the hassle of aligning multiple beams.

Despite its mini size, the Twin Beam Photobeam Sensor delivers powerful and efficient detection capabilities. It provides an effective solution for securing and monitoring various areas, ensuring the safety and convenience of occupants.

This sensor is ideal for both residential and commercial settings, where reliable beam protection is essential. Whether it's safeguarding entrances, monitoring corridors, or