Reflex-Beam Infrared Sensor

Reflex-Beam Infrared Sensor

. Adjustable the detection distance and suitable
for both indoor and outdoor use.
. Built-in intelligent cancellation scheme that
eliminates background light issues.
. The persistence feature prevents false
judgement of proximity sensing due to
ambient light noise.
. Temperature compensation: -40°C to +85°C.
. Easy installation. A reflector is not needed.
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. Install the sensor with a standard electrical mounting box in a single gang box.
. Install the sensor in the entrances and exits, garages, gates, and parking spaces.
. A touchless infrared sensor switch for activating devices at the offices, lavatories, and corridors.


Equipped with a built-in intelligent cancellation scheme, this sensor effortlessly tackles the challenges posed by background light. No more false alarms triggered by pesky ambient light issues. The Reflex-Beam Infrared Sensor understands the importance of accuracy and reliability, ensuring that only genuine objects are detected.

In the realm of proximity sensing, ambient light noise can often lead to misjudgments and false triggers. However, with the persistence feature, this sensor remains vigilant and discerning. It possesses the wisdom to distinguish between genuine proximity signals and mere whispers of ambient light, guaranteeing precise and dependable sensing results.

No environment is too harsh for the Reflex-Beam Infrared Sensor. With its impressive temperature compensation range from -40°C to +85°C, it fearlessly withstands extreme temperatures, ensuring consistent performance in the most challenging conditions. Be it scorching heat or bone-chilling cold, this sensor remains unfazed, always ready to fulfill its purpose.