4-beam Infrared Sensor w/ 8ch

4-beam Infrared Sensor w/ 8ch

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Item No. LK-60HQ /110 /160 /200 / 250HQ

• Four beams sensors. Detection for range : 60m, 110m, 160m , 200m & 250m.
Selectable 8-channel beam frequencies
• Easy optical alignment with LED indication
• Up to 8 sets for multiple installation
• Adjustable beam interruption period (50-700 msec)
• Automatic gain control circuit
• Anti-Frost design






In the realm of perimeter security, the 4-beam Infrared Sensor with 8 channels takes center stage. This sensor boasts a sophisticated system of four beams, offering extensive detection coverage across various ranges. With options ranging from 60 meters to an impressive 250 meters, this sensor caters to a wide range of security needs.

Fine-tuning the sensor's response is essential, and the 4-beam Infrared Sensor offers adjustable beam interruption periods. With a range of 50 to 700 milliseconds, you can customize the sensor's sensitivity and response time to suit your specific security requirements. This versatility ensures that the sensor can adapt to different environmental conditions without compromising its effectiveness.

To maintain optimal performance in varying conditions, the sensor incorporates an automatic gain control circuit. This circuit dynamically adjusts the sensor's sensitivity based on the ambient light levels, ensuring accurate and reliable detection even in challenging environments. No need to worry about false alarms or missed detections caused by fluctuating light conditions.