2-beam Infrared Sensor w/ 8ch

2-beam Infrared Sensor w/ 8ch

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Item No. LK-25HDF/40/60/80/100/120HDF

• Detection: outdoor 25,40,60,80,100 & 120m
• With selectable 8-channel beam frequencies
• Powerful and reliable twin beam detector
• Easy optical alignment with LED indication
• Adjustable beam interruption period (50~700msec)
• Form C relay providing more applications
• Up to 8-sets for multiple installation
• Target yellow color, tuned to the peak wavelength of human vision, to be easily targeted in the beam alignment






In the realm of outdoor detection, the 2-beam Infrared Sensor with 8 channels stands as a formidable force. With its wide range of detection distances, including 25, 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120 meters, it offers unparalleled coverage for your security needs. But this sensor is more than just its impressive range.

Equipped with selectable 8-channel beam frequencies, this sensor brings versatility to the table. You have the freedom to choose the optimal channel that suits your environment and minimizes interference. This feature ensures that your sensor operates at its best, providing reliable and accurate detection.

Tailoring the sensor's response is crucial, and the 2-beam Infrared Sensor understands this. The adjustable beam interruption period, ranging from 50 to 700 milliseconds, allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity and response time according to your specific requirements. Achieve the perfect balance between detection speed and tolerance.

Expanding the possibilities, the sensor includes a Form C relay, opening the door to a variety of applications. Seamlessly integrate it into your existing security systems or compatible devices, enhancing your overall security infrastructure. This flexibility empowers you to customize and adapt the sensor to your unique needs.