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Alarm Control Panel<br /> LK-3006MK series
Alarm Control Panel
LK-3006MK series
Item No.   LK-3006MK series
. Key operate type
. LK-3006MKL1 : Four burglary zones
. LK-3006MKL2
: Two burglary zones
. Contemporary design fits all modern houses
. A single chip "watchdog" Microprocessor
  monitoring circuit, ensures easy operation
  stable performance, reliable quality and long
  operational life
. Passcode protected user-friendly operation
. With two keys (#,*) operated panic button
- Protection zones:
  One 24-hours panic zone (N.O. loop)
  One 24-hours fire zone (N.O.loop)
  One door chime zone (N.O. loop)
  Two burglary zones (N.C. loop) - LK-3006MKL2
  Four burglary zones (N.C. loop) - LK-3006MKL1

  One door chime zone (N.O loop) - LK-3006MKL1 (only)
- Each burglary zone can be set monitored or bypassed
- With LAN alarm output
- Built-in transformer 20VA
- Dimension: 160W x 222L x 60D

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